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One of the many joys of being a Digital Label is releasing your music only to watch it pirated within an instant, this is the sad fact we live with and sadly we are all guilty of it.

The flip-side however is this , Independent Labels and artists are not lauding it up in expensive wine-bars (not us any road), we are working in mundane jobs and working in our spare time to bring you the music we make, not in the hopes of being rich but in the hope of making enough to put it out physically (whether vinyl, tape or cassette).

If you are skint, just type the number 0.00 into the box and download to your hearts content. If you are not then at least consider paying for it.

This collection is not a sin bin for music we wouldn't normally put out its simply an ever-growing collection for everyone to choose a price (even if that price is 0.00)


The Cambrian Liners


released September 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Cambrian Line Berlin, Germany

Based in Berlin and Inspired by a train line in Wales Cambrian Line is a very personal Label, honest and heartfelt and in love with its output and hopefully representative of a community of artists coming together to create a sound that is distinctly theirs. ... more

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